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They put here on my belly and I had a cute, sweet, blue eyes baby


It was Saturday, we hung out with some friends. I had 2 other pregnant friends with me. They were about a month and a half from each other in the pregnancy and I was towards the end.

We've been waiting to get into a restaurant, suddenly I felt stomach pains and didn't really understand what it was. I thought I was just really hungry, but there was a really long line...

I've noticed that the pain comes every 45 minutes, I thought it might be bad stomach and has nothing to do with the pregnancy.

I told my husband what I feel and he hasn't really given it any real thought. Later he started measuring the time between my complains. Only then I started thinking it could be labor pains. We spoke quietly since the friends won't know. We got into the restaurant and then I noticed that the gaps between each pain has decreased. My husband suggested that we'll go home to take our stuff and go to the hospital. It was already every 10 minutes. I told my husband to forget about going home and asked him to take me straight to the hospital. Our friends asked if everything's ok, we told them 'Yes' since we didn't want anyone to know at this point.

We drove to the hospital and our friends, who realize what happened, followed us and met us in the hospital. I started monitoring and they told me to stay in the hospital. We  were there for 4 hours with contractions. I got the epidural since I don't want to be a hero, I want medication, don't want any pain. After I got the epidural I felt less pain, and it was time for delivery. Slowly the epidural effects started to wear off. They cut me, did whatever they need, I had no clue what and didn't want to know. I felt like I was on fire when they cut me over there...

I though I'm dying, but I didn't say anything. I thought it would pass quickly. When they started to stitch I couldn't take it and asked for more epidural. And then my baby girl, Sivan, came to the world. A cute baby. They put here on my belly and I had a cute, sweet, blue eyes baby (my husband still don't understand how she has blue eyes. He doesn't realize his father has blue eyes as well smiley smiley ).

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